TwinMOS develop new Flash Drive Technology

TwinMOS Technologies have developed a device that will take Flash Drives to a whole new dimension.
The U3 Smart Drive not only acts as a normal Flash Drive but also doubles as a Mobile Profile Device.
TwinMOS U3 Smart Drive
Essentially, this means that aside from storing your normal day-to-day data, it also allows you to transport your desktop, profile and OS settings as well. An added feature is the ability to carry software around with you as well.
So, you install your software, set up your desktop, make your OS configurations/settings/preferences and off you go. Every machine that you connect the device to will automatically adjust itself accordingly and the software you’ve installed will be accessible from anywhere, even those machines that haven’t had it installed on.
Unfortunately, the current maximum size is 1Gb, which is laughable if you’re planning on installing software as well, but TwinMOS advise that they are hoping to multiply that number by 100 by the end of the year.